The OpenVPN package in Chrome OS (comes with ver. 2.4) seems to support tls-crypt however it seems like it's unsupported with the ONC format :(Elliptic curve certs and keys works though, I saw a blog post some time ago that said EC certs/keys didn't work but I tried it and it worked.

If you own a Chromebook you might want to know how you can use our VPN service on your device. With that in mind we give you “How to setup OpenVPN on Chrome OS” tutorial. OpenVPN on Chrome OS in easy to follow steps. Connecting via OpenVPN protocol on ChromiumOS/Google Chrome is recommended for advanced users only. Reason for such I can see that the chromebook gets an IP and updates the routes, the chromebook can ping it's tun adapter address but it can not ping the pfSense OpenVPN server. The same OpenVPN connection and settings work well from a Windows system and I am able to make OpenVPN connection on the ChromeBook from a Untangle server using a exported onc file. While OpenVPN is the clear winner in comparing the two protocols, it’s incredibly difficult to set up on a Chromebook and requires IT skill levels of over 9,000. Because of the difficulty in setting up OpenVPN, we will only cover L2TP/IPSec in this article. It is older and less secure than OpenVPN, but it can still be useful for anonymity and changing your location. The extension is the perfect complement to OVPN. Block ads & trackers and require a VPN connection in order to visit certain domains OpenVPN Connect remains green but no traffic passes. This Chromebook/OpenVPN Connect was working fine with this .ovpn profile so it appears to be a change in OpenVPN Connect update or ChromeOS. My gut says that ChromeOS is blocking or messing with OpenVPN as the lockup is always 2 minutes but I cannot find proof. There are three ways to set up a Chromebook VPN.The first and easiest method is to use a Chrome extension if your provider offers one. Install it, toggle the service on, and you’re good to go.

Comment configurer un Chromebook VPN – instructions étape par étape : Cliquez sur la photo de votre compte dans le coin inférieur droit de l’écran. Ouvrez “ Paramètres “. Sélectionnez l’option “ Ajouter une connexion ” – située dans la section “ Réseau “. Cliquez sur “ Ajouter OpenVPN / L2TP “.

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OpenVPN connections can use username/password authentication, client certificate authentication, or a combination of both. If you need to set up more advanced features of OpenVPN or import an ".ovpn" configuration file, and your Chromebook supports the Play Store, consider installing OpenVPN for Android instead of using the built-in OpenVPN client.

How are you planning to use your Chromebook? That’s the first question you should ask yourself before shopping for one. Ever since these relatively inexpensive laptop computers hit the market, they’ve upended the computer industry by providing more users with more options at a variety of price point What is a Chromebook good for? It's a bare-bones, fast-starting laptop meant for people who do most of their computing (email, documents, etc.) using cloud services. A Chromebook is a bare-bones, cloud-based laptop running the Linux-based Chrome OS operating system. If you think about how most peopl Chromebooks’ upcoming generation will be powered by Intel’s Celeron "Bay Trail-M" system-on-chip. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), and several computer companies made a deal that will continue the Chromebook legacy. The netbooks and laptops powered by Intel — with Google ope Simulating a right-click of the mouse using both the touchpad and keyboard on a quite easy. Just use 2 fingers on the touchpad. Knowing how to right-click on Chromebook is essential if you want to copy and paste text or access hidden menus. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to ri If your Chromebook is slow and bogged down, there are some simple steps you can take to improve performance. Here's how to speed up a Chromebook and stop the lag. If you're experiencing slowdown on your Chromebook, you may be curious how to speed up a Chromebook. Thankfully, while there are a few kn